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2014 Curious Swatchbook
The 2014 Curious Collection. Swatchbook - showcasing Curious Matter!

Seven tactile grades for whatever mood strikes you. Touchable. Sensual. Totally tantalizing. Always revealing. Each remarkable in its own way.

    Curious About Print - Matter
    Curious Colletion Matter, Skin, Touch & Metallics are featured in this playful, interactive book.
    This edition of Curious About Print shows different print options on colored papers and allows you to compare our large selection of tactile grades.

    What extraordinary Curious things will you create?

      Curious Matter Chip Booklet
      NEW from Curious Collection - Curious Matter! 7 perfectly homogenous, ultra-pigmented matte colors, never before marketed in North America. The Curious Matter Feeler Chart presents an unexpected metamorphosis - from potato waste to paper!

        Curious About Print - Metallics and Translucents
        Curious Metallics and Curious Translucents are anything but paper as normal. You're invited to experience the power of these two curiously potent paper collections. Explore the paper's limitless potential.

          Curious About Print - Metallics
          Your Guide to the World of Curious Metallics. Curious Metallics can take you to places no other paper does.

          Think of Curious About Print as your guidebook. It will not only educate and inform, but will share some of the ways you can use the Curious Collection.

            Curious About Print - SKIN
            Olé! Our new Curious About Print promotion takes you on a colorful journey into the world of SKIN Curious Collection with Spain as its vibrant backdrop.

            Think of the Curious About Print series as your guide to experience the many ways you can best use the Curious Collection. In this issue we explore facets of Spain — smooth, vibrant mosaic tiles, textural grout, wood, straw & skintones — the perfect backdrop for Skin’s sensuous possibilities.

              Curious Environmental Offering 2013
              Curious Collection & Arjowiggins Creative Papers Digital offer a wide range of environmental advantages. This useful info sheet contains the Green Product Attributes for Curious Collection & Arjowiggins Creative Papers Digital products.

                2014 Arjowiggins Creative Papers Digital Booklet
                Make your digital print projects shine with innovative colors & textures. A unique assortment of creative papers specially adapted to digital printing. Order your booklet today!

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